You are the senior officer of your organization if you are the most senior person compensated for your duties. Under The Lobbyists Registration Act, the senior officer of the organization is responsible for filing the return to register the lobbying of the organization’s in-house lobbyists.

Confirm 100 Hour Mark

If an employee of your organization, either alone or together with other employees, lobbies on behalf of the organization for at least 100 hours per year, that employee(s) is an “in-house lobbyist” and a return must be filed.  The Regulation under the Act specifies that preparation necessary for and directly related to the lobbying must be included in the time calculation.

Create Your UserID and Password

Click on the following link to create your UserID and Password: 

Once you have created your UserID and Password, you can go to the LRA system homepage, log on and file your return.

Initial Filing of Your Return

If it is your first time filing a return, you have 2 months to file a return from the date your organization first employs an in-house lobbyist, providing that your organization meets the 100 hour threshold.  If your organization has an in-house lobbyist when the Act is proclaimed, you have 2 months from the date of proclamation to file a return.

We strongly recommend you enter text directly into each field in your return. Do not enter the < and > symbols: use the phrases “less than” or “greater than” instead. Copying text from another document and pasting it into your return may produce unexpected results. Everything may appear as expected when you copy it into a field: exiting the system and reopening the return will show what the system has saved.

Updating your Return

If there are any changes in the information contained in your return, you have 30 days after the change occurs to update the return. If an in-house lobbyist within your organization ceases to be an in-house lobbyist, you have 30 days to update the return, indicating the change and date on which the change occurred.


Every six months, you have a 2 month period in which to re-file, provided that your organization continues to meet the 100 hours threshold. The Lobbyists Registry system will automatically inform you of the deadline for re-filing when it is due. For ease of re-filing, the information in your previous return will be presented to you as a starting point for re-filing

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to file.