Lobbying is a legitimate and legal activity and is a part of the democratic process when conducted ethically.  It is an important matter of public interest to be able to know who is attempting to influence government and the details of the lobbying.  The purpose of the registry is to provide transparency about lobbying in Manitoba.

In accordance with the requirements of The Lobbyists Registration Act, consultant lobbyists file detailed returns in the online registry, documenting their lobbying activity, and senior officers of organizations file detailed returns documenting the lobbying activity of their organization’s in-house lobbyists.

The public can assess the registry 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There is no fee and a password is not required to view information. The public can view the registry to see which person or organization the lobbying activity is on behalf of, who is doing the lobbying, which public officials are being lobbied, what the subject matter of the lobbying is, what the intended outcome of the lobbying is, when the lobbying activity begins and when it ends.

You can search lobbying activities in a number of ways, including by lobbyist, by date range, by client or organization, by subject matter and by public official.  Although written with lobbyists as the primary audience, you may also wish to check out the FAQs file.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.